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There are many factors that come into play when it comes to your turf’s health. The most beneficial action you take is to ensure your lawn is being managed properly. Frequent mowing at the correct height is crucial to turf health. Not mowing often enough will result in stressed turf once it is cut, making it more susceptible to disease. High humidity with warm temperatures, which is expected in Georgia, along with improper drainage are also common factors when it comes to disease. Make sure your lawn is draining properly and there is not a lot of sitting water on the soil for prolonged periods of time. When irrigating, make sure you do so in the morning, so the turf has adequate time to dry throughout the day. When you water in the evening, the moisture takes longer to sink into the soil, contributing to disease. The fungus may also come in on any new sod that is installed. If you suspect you may have a fungus in your lawn, please reach out to us for an assessment and treatment plan. The longer you let the fungus go on, the worse it can get.