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“Daddy long legs are the most venomous spiders on earth, but their fangs are too short to bite humans.” Most people have heard this myth and probably passed it along, further perpetuating the lore of the daddy long leg. If you don’t read any further, you can rest assured that this is myth and myth alone. There is no truth to this statement, no matter how many times it’s repeated. 

The name “daddy long legs” actually applies to two different orders of arachnids. The ones classically referred to as “daddy long legs” are spiders, but their toxicity and ability to envenomate humans is unknown. The other order of arachnids colloquially known as “daddy long legs,” also called harvestmen, aren’t spiders. These are the ones we are most familiar with in the Atlanta area. 

You read that correctly. The arachnids you were told are the most poisonous spiders in the world aren’t even spiders. Take a minute if you need to. It’s a lot to process. While you’re at it, process the fact that daddy long legs don’t even produce venom, and while they have fangs, they’re only used to hold prey. 

Why Are Daddy Long Legs near (or in) My House?

Like other unwanted pests, they are in or around your house because you have something they want. This could be a cool, damp space like a garage or crawl space, or it could be a source of easily accessed water–both of which are enticing to all sorts of unwanted critters. Fortunately, daddy long legs are actually nice to have around, even if they do give you the heebie-jeebies. 

Daddy long legs eat all sorts of things you don’t want around, including spiders, worms, and insects. Dead insects are also fair game for daddy long legs, as is decaying organic matter. If you’d rather not have them around, reduce the aforementioned moisture and eliminate their prey; both are effective methods of reducing their population. 

Can Nature’s Turf Pest Control Help Eradicate Daddy Long Legs?

Of course we can. The pest control products we use during our quarterly pest control visits are capable of thwarting crawling pests like daddy long legs. The added benefit of having your Nature’s Turf Pest Professional to your home for quarterly pest control is that these visits also put experienced eyes on your home, giving them the chance to help strategize ways to limit and eliminate pests, daddy long legs included!

Important Takeaways:

  • “Daddy long legs are the most poisonous spider on earth, but they possess fangs so short they can’t bite humans” is a myth, regardless of which daddy long legs you’re referring to. 
  • The arachnids we most commonly see and refer to as daddy long legs in Atlanta aren’t even spiders, nor do they produce venom. That’s a bit to take in, I know. 
  • Easily accessible water sources and food sources are why they are in or around your house. Eliminating those sources of moisture and sustenance will help, and treatment is possible. 
  • Quarterly Pest Control from Nature’s Turf can help reduce populations of daddy long legs and give our professionals a chance to strategize practices to resist their return. Give us a call at 770-461-4156, or email us at