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At Nature’s Turf, we take great pride in developing the best programs for your lawn. Our main programs focus on meeting the fertilization and weed control needs for the majority of our clients. Unique situations call for unique treatment measures. We address these with supplemental programs. Offering specialized supplemental programs separately for unique or unusual lawn issues has many benefits. 

Supplemental Lawn Programs: For Unique Lawn Conditions

Every yard is unique. Even two different locations in the same yard can be very different from one another. Where one lawn may be prone to fungal infection, another may never experience one. Your neighbor may have challenging issues with grubs while you don’t. Both of these examples represent scenarios where one yard requires something another yard may not. 

From a practical standpoint, this means only clients with unique environmental conditions or known concerns elect for programs that require additional treatments. From a value standpoint, all of our customers get the best return on investment for their core program. From an overall quality standpoint, customers who receive an elective program get the best value out of the program(s) they elected, while not paying for the one(s) they don’t need. In other words, Nature’s Turf clients have the advantage of customizing–and paying for–the particular treatments and programs that will help them have the healthiest, most beautiful lawns. 

Specialized Treatment Applications: Not for Everyone 

Nature’s Turf prides itself on capability. While we believe our core program offers exceptional value and plant health benefits, we do have elective treatments and programs available for discerning clients who desire taking their yard beyond the core program. 

Supplemental treatments include Liquid Aeration and Spring Booster. While aeration is a good idea for most people growing grass in Georgia red clay, some people need it more than others. Customers with little compaction and well-established lawns may not want aeration as often as a customer with a lot of compaction and a young lawn. Spring Booster gives that additional shot of nutrition early in the season for customers that want or need it. Some lawns simply don’t need the additional nutrition. 

Turf Growth Regulation is the prime example of a premium additional program. It’s not inexpensive, but it is effective. Customers who elect for TGRs really desire the benefits of them, while others may not want what they offer. That’s the benefit of an a la carte menu of premium add-ons.

Do I Need Supplemental Lawn Programs?

Ultimately, it depends on what your unique environmental conditions require, or what you want out of your yard. Our core programs are founded based on knowledge, experience, and a continuous pursuit of new information, and they do a great job of providing plant nutrition and weed control. If your yard has conditions that require additional attention, or you desire treatments that help take your landscape to the next level, we have that capability. 

Important Takeaways:

  • At Nature’s Turf, our core programs aim to meet the fertilization and weed control needs of a large majority of lawns in our area. 
  • We offer supplemental programs that address specific environmental concerns that exist in some yards but not others. 
  • Programs like Turf Growth Regulation are premium add-ons for customers who desire that next level of lawn care. 
  • Your lawn may not need any additional programs, and that’s great. Our core programs are designed to provide you the results you desire. If you have extenuating circumstances, or you want to take your lawn to the next level, we have the capability to provide those services.
  • Each lawn is different, and each treatment is unique. If you have any questions about treatment for your lawn, we are always happy to review this process with our clients. You can always utilize our text line, call us at 770-461-4156, or email us at, where we can help answer any additional questions you may have.