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Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our guarantee is very simple. If any problems with your lawn arise between visits we will re-visit the property and work with you until it meets your expectations.

Proactive Communication

Proactive Communication

Our Turf managers will work closely with the technicians who perform applications to your lawn. Upon each visit we will inspect for insect and disease problems, mowing and watering conditions, and overall lawn progress.

Preventative and Targeted Weed Elimination

Preventative and Targeted Weed Elimination

Our weed prevention plan starts with building up the health of the lawn to compete with weed infestations. A spring and fall Pre-emergent application will also be made prior to peak weed seasons to stop weeds before they ever come up. Upon each visit we will inspect and eliminate any existing weeds that might pop up between visits. We typically see 90% of the weeds controlled with preventative treatments, and the remainder we control with targeted applications using the latest products and technology.

Custom Blended Fertilizer

Custom Blended Fertilizer

Each season we try to improve our fertilizer applications and the success of the lawns we manage. We work very closely with our vendors to custom blend fertilizer for turf type and environmental conditions. We routinely evaluate and adjust our products, we are not committed to one brand or formulation. Our goal is to always look for the best at any given time.

Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments

Each year we apply rich soil amendments to improve the quality of your soil and improve the uptake of nutrients to your lawn. Our full program includes a maintenance level of lime to maintain an optimal PH for your lawn type.

Professional Associates

Professional Associates

All of our associates go through a thorough background test prior to employment. We believe that starting off with the best people is the beginning of providing a great service for our clients. Continuing education through morning meetings, industry conferences and state licenses are also a way we keep great people on our team and providing better service.

Dedicated Turf Managers

Dedicated Turf Managers

After activating service with Nature’s Turf, you will have access to a team of dedicated turf specialist who will oversee your account. You will have the option to talk, text or email to get your question answered. We believe that a licensed, knowledgeable expert will provide industry leading service and results.

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Lawn Treatment Service in McDonough

At Nature’s Turf, we provide the best lawn treatment solutions to the greater Atlanta area, including McDonough GA. As certified lawn care professionals, we apply our turf care and lawn treatments to transform your yard into a vibrant landscape free from weeds. Read More

Lawn Care Program

Our lawn and weed control program includes fertilization treatments to promote a healthy and rich lawn for your property. If you have been searching for “lawn care services in McDonough, GA,” look no further than Nature’s Turf.

Lawn Core Aeration

Our core aeration service improves the effectiveness of your lawn treatment. It opens up the soil, eliminates thatch, enhances the flow of water and fertilizer to the soil, and multiplies root growth. We recommend a yearly application of this service to achieve optimal results.

Tree & Shrub Care

We offer a range of tree and shrub services that are formulated to give your landscape the nutrients, protection, and conditions it needs to grow, stay green, and thrive!

Grub Control

Insects in your yard can cause unsightly brown spots on your lawn. With the help of our trusted lawn care technicians, the most common damaging pests (like grubs, armyworms, and more) can be controlled before it is too late. Our treatment provides the best season-long protection for your lawn while also being gentle on the environment and safeguarding biodiversity surrounding your lawn.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants pose a danger not only to your lawn and landscape but also to people and pets. Protect your family and lawn today with our fire ant bait applications. This three-times-a-year application program will keep your lawn clean of unsightly ant mounds and protect your family and pets from bites.
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Pest Control

Our team of professionals has created a pest control program that will ensure your family and your home remain protected from bugs and pests. Our promise to you is simple: No pests inside your home, ever. Guaranteed. Read More

Home Pest Control

Our home pest control program allows us to visit your property every 3 months to check for issues and apply our custom blend of preventative pest control products. If problems arise in between visits our team will return at no additional charge.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying; they also transmit dangerous diseases and can be especially pesky in this part of the country. That’s why we offer the greater Atlanta area, including McDonough, mosquito control service to reduce mosquitoes on and around your property.

Termite Control

Termites are a threat to your family’s greatest investment: Your home. Due to Georgia’s consistently warm weather, termites are especially prevalent in this part of the county. Using the latest technology and a proactive plan, our team of pest control professionals are prepared to stop termites in their tracks.

Get Pest Control Near Me in McDonough, GA

To learn more about the lawn care and treatment services we offer for McDonough, GA customers, or to arrange a service visit, give us a call or text at (770) 703-5474, or use our contact form to request a free quote. Read Less

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