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What is your pest control program?
Our pest control program is designed on being the most effective, less invasive form of pest control treatment for your home. By treating the exterior of your home on a quarterly basis with the most up to date, effective products we are able to eliminate those pesky invaders by creating a protective barrier around your home, giving you and your family piece of mind to enjoy the better parts of life. Our focus is to keep your home free of household pests without disturbing your environment and impacting the comforts of your home.
(Similar to your Lawn Care FAQ’s) Our guarantee is very simple. If any pest problems arise between quarterly services we will re-visit the property and work with you until it meets your expectations.
After your initial visit it is normal to see pest activity 2-3 days after treatment. The products are designed to flush the pests out of their nesting areas forcing them to come in contact with the products. You should expect, after regular treatments, pest activity to be very minimum.
In most cases, you can expect to see a significant reduction in pest activity within 1-2 days. The exact timeline depends on the severity of the situation and type of pest.
Our integrated pest management program is customized towards the individual's home. Our focus is to create an effective barrier around the exterior of your home with the most up to date products available.
Bug activity will slow down in the winter, we recommend quarterly maintenance treatments throughout the cold months to help prevent any pests from finding shelter and food sources in or around your home which can lead to a larger infestation in the Spring.
Basic household pests are covered under our quarterly maintenance program including Centipedes, Millipedes, Crickets, Earwigs, Roaches, Silverfish, Spiders, Ants, Pillbugs, Sowbugs and Mice.
General pest control treatments leave behind a residual on the surface that will last on average of 3 months. Elements such as the weather cause the products to naturally break down over time which is why we recommend a quarterly maintenance service to maintain your protective barrier.
Our focus is on treating the exterior of your home and the safety of your family and pets is our first priority. After treatment, we recommend allowing time for the product to be absorbed to eliminate any sensitivity to the treatment. We will offer Safety Data Sheets and Labels for any products, in advance, if requested. Our licensed pest control operators are always available for any concerns you have, we will communicate any precautions that are necessary.
Certain situations may require a specific inside treatment. Our goal is to provide a protective barrier around the exterior of your home with minimal treatments to the interior. Our team will communicate directly with the homeowner if inside treatment is necessary and create a customized plan for an effective solution.
Weed control is a process and prevention is always the best form of weed control. We just ask our new customers for 3 applications on average to get existing weeds under control. Lawns in extremely poor condition can sometimes take a full year to turn around. We prevent weeds with pre-emergent applications in spring and fall and by encouraging a thick growth habit during the growing season. As you utilize the service and implement appropriate cultural practices (like deep watering and weekly mowing), you will see thicker growth and less weed breakthrough. Our service is guaranteed and we offer free service calls after our 3rd regular treatment for any difficult weeds. Achieving your best lawn in all facets can take time and care. We are confident that after a full cycle of our treatment plan, you will not only see control of weeds, but you’ll be impressed by how healthy your lawn has become.

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