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Grub Control for Lawns in Newnan, GA

The appearance of your yard is important. Brown and dead patches will take away from your landscaping. They can result from a white grub infestation. These little creatures can cause widespread damage to lawns. You can put this type of infestation to an end with the grub control for lawns service our team at Nature’s Turf offers in the greater Newnan, GA area. Read More

When You Need Grub Control for Lawns

Indicators of e a grub issue include:

  • Easily removable yellow grass
  • Patches of brown scattered across your lawn
  • A spongy feel to your lawn in certain areas
  • Lawn damage from armadillos, raccoons, skunks, and moles

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Signs Your Lawn

Is In Need of Professional Grub Control

Scattered Patches

Scattered patches of brown grass throughout your lawn

Lawn Sponge

Lawn feels sponge-like in some areas


Noticing wildlife like raccoons, armadillos, moles, and skunks causing significant damage to your lawn

Japenese Beetles

Noticing an increase of Japenese beetles flying around your lawn

Yellowing Grass

Yellowing grass that pulls up easily

Our Grub Control Service for Your Lawn

Our team uses a proven strategy for controlling and eliminating grubs and insects in your yard. This approach keeps beneficial insects for your yard safe, while removing the ones that cause damage. Our grub control for lawn service utilizes an Acelepryn® insecticide application for the exceptional protection against grubs, turf caterpillars, and other insects from season start to finish without damaging the biodiversity of your lawn or the surrounding environment. Read More

When used as prescribed, Acelepryn® is not harmful to humans or pets. A low use rate is allowed with this product, which enables it to be used in lesser quantities for turf insect control. Acelepryn® has Environmental Protection Agency registration, under the agency’s Reduced-Risk Program.

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If you need grub control for lawns in Newnan GA or want more information about our services, give us a call today at 770.461.4156. You may also use our contact form and ask for a free at-home consultation and quote.

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