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Grub Control for Lawns in Palmetto, GA

A grub infestation can easily result in numerous brown dead patches forming on your lawn. These unsightly patches are something you certainly want to avoid as a home or property owner. Through the grub control for lawns we offer at Nature’s Turf, you can prevent and eliminate grubs and grub damage to your landscape in Palmetto, GARead More

Do You Need Grub Control for Lawns?

Signs that indicate your lawn may have a grub infestation issue that requires special attention and removal include:

  • Appearance of brown patches across the lawn
  • Spongy feel to the lawn in certain areas
  • Increased Japanese beetle population throughout the lawn
  • Substantial lawn damage from raccoons, moles, or skunks
  • Yellow grass that is easy to pull out

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Signs Your Lawn

Is In Need of Professional Grub Control

Scattered Patches

Scattered patches of brown grass throughout your lawn

Lawn Sponge

Lawn feels sponge-like in some areas


Noticing wildlife like raccoons, armadillos, moles, and skunks causing significant damage to your lawn

Japenese Beetles

Noticing an increase of Japenese beetles flying around your lawn

Yellowing Grass

Yellowing grass that pulls up easily

Grub Control Service for Your Lawn

Our approach to control grubs and insects is highly effective – it also protects beneficial insects for your landscape. Our team applies Acelepryn® insecticide as part of our grub control for lawn service – this provides exceptional protection all season-long against grubs, turf caterpillars, and other creatures, without damaging the local environment or biodiversity of your lawn. Read More

When Acelepryn® is used properly and as directed, it is not harmful to humans or pets. For the control of turf insects, Acelepryn® may be applied with a lesser volume application through low use rates. Under its Reduced-Risk Program, the EPA has registered Acelepryn®.

Get Grub Control for Your Lawn

To learn more about the grub control for lawn service we offer to Palmetto, GA customers, or to arrange service for your lawn, give us a call today at 770.461.4156. Otherwise, send us a message through our contact form and ask us for an at-home, free consultation.

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