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Lawn Core Aeration Services in Fayetteville, GA

If you want a green, healthy, and thriving lawn, consider our lawn core aeration service. Lawn aeration should be applied in the spring and summer. It is needed in the same way farmers need to plow their fields each year for optimum results. The core aeration services we offer at Nature’s Turf are designed to relax soil compaction, which frees up water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the soil much easier, resulting in a beautiful, plush lawn for your Fayetteville, GA property. A good application of lawn aeration is beneficial for any lawn that has high traffic, heavy soils, or excessive thatch. Read More

Lawn Core Aeration Benefits

Some of the benefits available with our lawn aeration service include:

  • Relieves soil compaction
  • Lowers the amount of thatch accumulation
  • Enhances turf health
  • Strengthens the rooting of turf grass
  • Increases a lawn’s tolerance for drought
  • Decreases water runoff and puddling

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The Benefits of Lawn Core Aeration Services

Improves Turf

Reduces Thatch

Alleviates Soil

Reduces Water Runoff
and Puddling

Increases Lawn
Drought Tolerance

Strengthens Turfgrass

Grass Background Effect

Core Aeration

When it comes to the wide range of lawn core services for maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn, core aeration is one of the most important. Almost all lawns will benefit from aeration, but a great lawn demands it. Any lawn seeing high traffic, excessive thatch, or heavy soils will benefit most from a good round of aeration.
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The Value of Lawn Aeration

Aeration occurs in a natural process involving the exchange of air between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere. The process of lawn core aeration we employ eliminates small soil and thatch plugs from your lawn. This enhances natural soil aeration and decreases the level of soil compaction, enabling your grass to grow deeper roots and more efficiently make use of fertilizer and water. Golf courses, for example, often undergo lawn aeration. Read More

How Often to Apply Lawn Aeration

Various factor determine the suggested frequency of lawn core aeration applications, although once a year is the accepted minimum. We can help you determine whether your lawn can benefit from lawn aeration through an onsite inspection of your lawn, soil conditions and other factors.

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