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Tree and Shrub Care Service in Newnan, GA

At Nature’s turf, homeowners can enhance their landscapes significantly through our tree and shrub care services. A healthy landscape free from disease and insects can increase the appeal and value of your property. Our team provides a number of tree and shrub services in Newnan, GA designed to give your landscape the nutrients, protection, and other benefits necessary to flourish. Read More

Tree and Shrub Care for Your Landscape

Our tree and shrub services include the following and more:

  • Thorough inspection and health check of plants, trees, and shrubs
  • Comprehensive plant health plan to keep your landscape protected
  • Disease treatment
  • Application of nutrients and fertilization to enhance the appearance and growth of plants
  • Insect treatment

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Tree And Shrub Care Includes:

Plant Health

That will protect your landscape


Fertilization and
Application of Nutrients

To enhance the appearance and growth of your plants


Of plants, trees, and shrubs


And So Much

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Tree and Shrub Care Service Benefits

Our tree and shrub services provide the following benefits:
  • Preserve the health of soil and roots
  • Provide trees and shrubs with balanced nutrients for proper nourishment
  • Deter attacks from destructive pests
  • Inhibit the onset and development of disease
  • Enhance growth Read More
We apply a holistic approach to care for your trees and shrubs. The program we implement improves plant health through strategically timed fertilizations as well as preventative tree and shrub care. Our product applications are environmentally safe to ensure the health of you and your loved ones, while protecting your surrounding environment.

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For more information about our plant health programs, call us today at 770.461.4156, or use our contact form to request a free quote in Newnan, GA. From there, we can develop a plant health program that helps you achieve your landscape vision. Read Less
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of Tree & Shrub Care

Maintains Balanced Nutrients

Maintains Balanced Nutrients

Trees, shrubs, and other plants need balanced nutrition to retain their vibrant color, strength, and beauty. Our landscape specialists use special formulated treatments to prevent root disease and improve the health of your shrubs and trees.

Helps Deter Harmful Pests

Helps Deter Harmful Pests

Pests can wreak havoc on trees and shrubs. Pests ultimately destroy leaves, trunks, and branches. At Nature’s Turf, we use environmentally-friendly treatments to fight against these bothersome pests and ensure a healthy landscape without compromising the safety of your family or the environment.

Effective at Keeping Diseases At Bay

Effective at Keeping Diseases At Bay

There are many diseases that can be harmful or fatal to trees and shrubs. Our experts can help with identifying, treating, and preventing these diseases before it is too late.

Stimulates Growth

Stimulates Growth

Certain tree and shrub care treatments, like root zone fertilization make it possible for nutrients to reach deep into the base of the roots, stimulating growth, color, and development of the trees and shrubbery in your yard.

Maintains Soil and Root Health

Maintains Soil and Root Health

Stong, healthy roots are essential for keeping the trees and shrubs on your landscape sturdy. The soil they are rooted in is equally important. With the proper, nutrient-rich soil, fertilization, water, and care, the trees and shrubs in your landscape will thrive!

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