Wild Garlic in Marietta Lawns

December 14th, 2020

Wild garlic in Marietta lawns is a very common and dominant winter perennial.  They begin to emerge in the late fall and grow through the winter and into the spring months and then decline in the summer.  This type of weed is hard to control as it causes unattractive clumps to form in warm season dormant turf such as Zoysia or Bermuda and grows faster than cool season turf when turf is mowed.  Mowing your turf will not kill wild garlic, however regular mowing will weaken the plant and prevent it from seeding.  As well as mowing, pre-emergence herbicides are also ineffective for wild garlic in Marietta lawns.  Wild garlic must be persistently treated with a post-emergence herbicide more than once and for more than one season. Due to the glossy, thin leaves of the wild garlic, herbicides have a hard time adhering and being absorbed.  The best time to treat wild garlic is in November and again during the winter and spring before the next generation of bulbs is produced.

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