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Do you guarantee your services?
Our guarantee is very simple. If any problems with your lawn arise between visits we will re-visit the property and work with you until it meets your expectations.
Every lawn is different and it depends on the condition of your lawn along with when we start treatments. Each time we visit you will see weeds decline. Our average time to clean up a lawn is 3-4 visits but in some cases, it may take a full year.
No. Most of our lawns are serviced during normal working hours. Once your technician has completed your lawn, you will receive an After Service Email explaining your treatment.
Core Aeration loosens the soil to improve the flow of air, water and fertilizers to the grass roots. Aerating your lawn also controls thatch build up, relieves compacted soil, and stimulates root development, creating a healthier lawn. This is one of the best things you can do for your lawn.
When the lawn is dry, it may be used as normal.
If you are seeing brown patches in your lawn, go to the end of the brown patch to the green part of your lawn. Pull up on the green grass, if it pulls up like a piece of carpeting, you probably have grubs and you may see white grubs in the soil.
Our approach is simple - we provide a reliable service by implementing repeatable processes with a best in class team of turf care professionals. We can’t promise the cheapest price, or that you will NEVER see a weed in the lawn. We can promise that we will answer your call, offer a solution, and follow up to make sure that we continue earning your business with every visit.
We decided at the beginning we wanted our program to be the best and provide our customers with the GREAT results they deserve. When it comes to Georgia Clay, more really IS more. Our program includes high quality soil amendments to prevent soil acidification, and LOTS of high-quality, custom-blended fertilizer. Our goal is to prevent problems rather than react.
We offer straight forward pricing based on the size of your lawn. When you call our office or request a quote online our team will assist you in measuring your property. Once we determine the square feet of your lawn we can provide you a price quote. Our pricing structure accounts for labor, product, taxes and fees.
Our program is built to address all of the regular, known variables with Georgia lawns rooted in Georgia soil. Our fertilizers are blended to specifically address red clay’s nutrient profile, we apply lime to address acidification, and we cycle different types of weed control throughout the year to ensure results. Every lawn is different, and environmental issues like excessive shade, poor drainage and extremely compact soil structure can slow or even prevent positive change in the lawn. Fortunately, our lawn specialists are here to help. We can identify any environmental issues and provide suggestions to set you up for success. We will also provide you with guidance on watering and mowing schedules. Our goal is to partner with you and equip you to have the healthiest lawn you’ve ever had!
Weed control is a process and prevention is always the best form of weed control. We just ask our new customers for 3 applications on average to get existing weeds under control. Lawns in extremely poor condition can sometimes take a full year to turn around. We prevent weeds with pre-emergent applications in spring and fall and by encouraging a thick growth habit during the growing season. As you utilize the service and implement appropriate cultural practices (like deep watering and weekly mowing), you will see thicker growth and less weed breakthrough. Our service is guaranteed and we offer free service calls after our 3rd regular treatment for any difficult weeds. Achieving your best lawn in all facets can take time and care. We are confident that after a full cycle of our treatment plan, you will not only see control of weeds, but you’ll be impressed by how healthy your lawn has become.

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