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Weed Control Programs starting at $55 per visit
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How it works

To maintain a green and beautiful lawn, our certified lawn professionals customize a treatment plan for your property that exceeds expectations. Our initial step is to identify your yard’s turf type and square footage in order to determine price and strategy.

What's Included

Premium Lawn CareRecommended

$ 55

per visit*
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization
  • Soil Amendments
  • 9 visits per year
  • Spaced every 4-6 weeks

*Price based on size, Call for details

Additional Services

$ 88

per visit*
  • Liquid Aeration
  • Turf Growth Regulators
  • Insect Control

*Prices based on size, Call for details

Keeping Your Lawn Weed Free

Our expert weed elimination and fertilization services guarantee the health of your lawn. At Nature’s Turf, our experienced team will make the correct applications at the best time to ensure your lawn is healthy and weed-free.

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Weed Elimination

Our prevention plans will help you weed out your worries so that you can get back to loving your lawn.

Custom Fertilizers

We’re committed to giving you the best grass possible, which means we’re continuously evolving our fertilizer offerings.

Soil Amendments

Nutrients do your soil good. Our annual maintenance efforts ensure your lawn type has the foundation it needs to thrive.

Keeping your lawn healthy!

All of our lawn care programs include weed control and fertilization treatments to ensure your yard always looks it’s best.

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Helping Revitalize Your Yard

We have solutions for many of your lawn and landscape issues so that you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors!

Tree & Shrub Care

Beyond your turf, healthy trees and shrubs play a vital role in your exterior landscape, increase curb appeal and can affect your property’s overall value. Protect these vital assets from pests and diseases with custom solutions from Nature’s Turf.

Protect Your Shrubs

Grub Control

Having a grub problem is something many Georgia homeowners deal with. These creepy crawlers can do massive damage to your lawn.  Stop them with our annual grub control application.

Protect Your Lawn

Fire Ant Control

Protect your family and lawn today with our fire ant bait applications. This three-times a year application program will keep your lawn clean of unsightly ant mounds and protect your family from bites.

Stop The Bites

Liquid Aeration

Having great soil is vital to having a beautiful lawn.   Liquid aeration is one of the most important treatments we offer to improve your soil health.  Almost all lawns will benefit from liquid aeration, but a great lawn demands it.

Improve Your Soil

Our Company

At Nature’s Turf, we are a dedicated group of lawn and pest professionals who are committed to continuous education and improvement. Our journey began in 1977 with one customer, and since then, we have had the opportunity to serve thousands of customers throughout metro Atlanta. In order to maintain a beautiful lawn along with a pest-free home, our Certified Professionals have created custom treatment plans that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today for more information and a price quote to start service.

About Our Company

Keeping Georgia Beautiful

Nature’s Turf services the following Metro Atlanta communities with lawn care and pest control services:






Peachtree City



Stop the weeds!

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