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Nature's Turf Has It Handled

Premium Lawn CareMost Popular

$ 55

per visit
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization
  • Soil Amendments
  • Treatments every 4-6 weeks

*Price based on size, call for details

Premium Pest Control

$ 105

per quarter*
  • Customized service plan
  • No pests guaranteed
  • Visits every 3 months
  • Treatments for common household pests like roaches, spiders, rodents & ants

*call for details


At Nature’s Turf, our weed control and fertilization programs are strategically created to provide you with nine custom treatments per year. The plans, starting at $55 per visit, include the application of nutrients and preventative weed control along with expert support to ensure the continual health and happiness of your lawn. Ready to start your lawn care program today?

Protect Your LawnEliminate Pests

Why choose us?

Nature’s Turf has been helping homeowners around Georgia destroy weeds and defend lawns for more than 45 years. As a locally-owned team, these experts have developed effective treatments and solutions to help Georgia lawns live longer.

In fact, our weed control and fertilization treatment plans are designed specifically for the lawn and soil conditions in Douglasville. So that means you can leave the lawn care to us and get back to the historic downtown of Douglasville!

Questions? We've got answers!

Weed Elimination

Our prevention plans will help you weed out your worries so that you can get back to loving your lawn.

Custom Fertilizers

We’re committed to giving you the best grass possible, which means we’re continuously evolving our fertilizer offerings.

Soil Amendments

Nutrients do your soil good. Our annual maintenance efforts ensure your lawn type has the foundation it needs to thrive.

keeping you weed and pest free

All of our lawn care programs include weed control and fertilization treatments to ensure your yard always looks healthy and trim.

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