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Protect Against insects and diseases!

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Homeowners often overlook the need for professional tree and shrub care. However, a flourishing landscape will greatly enhance the overall health and appearance of your property while also increasing its value. That’s why Nature’s Turf offers tree and shrub services that are formulated to give your landscape the nutrients, protection, and conditions it needs to grow, stay green, and thrive! When you choose our shrub and tree offerings, you’ll see the difference in your landscape!

Protect Your Shrubs


$ 75

per visit*
  • Protect against diseases
  • Specially formulated treatment for plants and shrubs
  • Defense against harmful pests
  • Fertilization and nutrient application
  • Much more

*Call for details.  Price based on size

How It Works

Our expert tree and shrub care services guarantee the health of your landscape.  Our team will make treatments throughout the year at the best time to keep the pests away.   At Nature’s Turf, our experience and expertise make all the difference in having a healthy landscape.

Plant Health Program

Special formulated treatments are applied to your trees, shrubs and other plants to ensure balanced nutrition and root health.

Disease Treatments

Our experts work with you to identify, treat and prevent harmful tree and shrub diseases.

Fertilization and Application of Nutrients

Our root zone fertilization and other custom treatments help stimulate growth, color and development of trees and shrubbery.

Health Assessment

Our team will assess the strength and health of your tree and shrub roots along with the nutrient levels of your soil.

Insect Treatments

We’ll help you defend your trees and destroy bugs with safe and environmentally-friendly pest control treatments.

And So Much More

Start enjoying the benefits of tree and shrub care today.

You Can Have The Best Trees & Shrubs!

Beyond your turf, healthy trees and shrubs play a vital role in your exterior landscape, increase curb appeal and can affect your property’s overall value. Protect these vital assets from pests and diseases with custom solutions from Nature’s Turf.

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