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Enjoy Your Backyard

Squash the skeeters and get back to loving your backyard with Nature’s Turf’s safe and effective mosquito control program. Beginning with a property inspection, our pest experts are able to identify mosquito breeding areas. Once identified, Nature’s Turf technicians apply a long-lasting mosquito yard treatment and mists all plants and foliage in order to interrupt mosquito development and eliminate adult mosquitoes.

Stop Mosquitoes


$ 79

per visit*
  • Mosquito extermination
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Monthly visits
  • Guaranteed results

*Call for details

How we stop mosquitoes

Using the latest science and technology, our professional applicators will visit your home to apply fast-acting and long-lasting products that begin working within minutes, providing proven control until our next visit. In addition to the effectiveness of our barrier spray treatments against adult mosquitoes, our mosquito control service also helps reduce mosquito reproduction and breeding site viability.

Safe and Effective

We use safe and effective mosquito yard treatments to eliminate mosquitoes from your property

Reduce Reproduction

Our mosquito extermination experts know the best ways to reduce mosquito reproduction

Latest Equipment

We use the latest equipment and products for every mosquito spraying application

Long-Lasting Protection

Our mosquito treatment offers long-lasting protection


Our mosquito control services are competitively-priced and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

why choose nature's turf

Nothing ruins a summer evening faster than a mosquito. Their bites are not only painful and itchy, but potentially dangerous if the bloodsuckers are carrying Zika or West Nile viruses. But you can swat back and beat the bugs with mosquito control from Nature’s Turf.

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