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Figuring out how to get rid of fire ants can seem like a daunting task,and for good reason too. After all, fire ants pose a danger not only to your lawn and landscape but also to people and pets. When you discover ant mounds in your yard, it’s best to call the fire ant control experts at Nature’s Turf. Our experienced team knows the best methods to eliminate fire ant infestations from your property and prevent them from ever coming back.

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Why You Need
to Get Rid

of Fire Ants

They Have Bothersome
and Painful Stings

That can hurt for hours

Their Stings Can Lead to
Severe Reactions

Including nausea, sweating, or shortness of breath

It’s Common to Be
Stung Multiple Times

By multiple ants when their mounds are disturbed

Colonies Can Cause
Turf Damage

And can seriously disturb your lawn’s ecosystem

They Are Far More

Than other species of ants

They are Known for

And killing small animals that they consider a threat

Fire Ant

Control Service

Protect your family and lawn today with our fire ant bait applications. This three-times a year application program will keep your lawn clean of unsightly ant mounds and protect your family and pets from bites.

At Nature’s Turf, we use a bait product throughout the lawn to control fire ants. These creatures typically live in large groups and are extremely social.

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