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It can be frustrating to wake up on a cold Saturday morning and look outside while you are enjoying a warm cup of coffee–only to see weeds that still aren’t dead. If your lawn care provider was at your house in the last 10 days, why do the weeds still look fine? It’s likely cold weather.

How Do Post-emergent Winter Weed Control Products Work?

Post-emergent weed control products are formulated to remove weeds either selectively or non-selectively. In the case of selectives, these products either target specific functions of the weeds or can be safely processed by the turf, while non-selectives aim to interrupt an important function that is common in all plants.

In either case, weed control products don’t work by simply being in contact with the leaves. These products are absorbed, moved, and often integrated in ways that will injure or remove the target weed.

Why Does Temperature Matter for Winter Weed Control?

When we apply weed control products during the summer, it’s often during optimal temperatures. The weeds are growing and engaging in their normal processes. Regardless of selectivity, the process our product aims to disrupt is active.

During cold temperatures, even the most hardy winter weeds slow their growth immensely. This means that regardless of how we attempt to control weeds, additional time is required for our products to be processed, integrated, and then injurious or detrimental to the host (weed).

What Can Be Done for Winter Weed Control?

First and foremost, you can be confident that we have carefully selected the appropriate products to control the weeds present in your yard at any time of year. Our technicians are well-trained, careful, and thorough in their applications. If it’s been cold, it will simply take more time, but we are confident that we will destroy the weeds in your turf and defend your lawn, even in dormancy.

For more information, give us a call or visit us online. We look forward to discussing the many ways Nature’s Turf can contribute to your turf.