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We are biased, but our core lawn care programs at Nature’s Turf are premium offerings. Intending to meet the needs of your turf, and exceeding the expectations of our customers, they are tailor-made to provide the fertilization and weed control required by warm-season turfgrasses in optimal growing conditions. 

Every yard is unique though. Unique environmental conditions create unique scenarios requiring treatment options that aren’t included in our core programs. Here is a brief overview of each additional service, and others that could be viewed in parallel with your lawn programs from the lawn care team at Nature’s Turf in Georgia:

Fungal Control Products

  • Zoysia Patch  – Zoysia Patch, a fungal infection caused by Rhizoctonia solani is common in the spring and fall when growth slows in zoysia lawns. If your yard has a history of ZP, this 4-stop program is scheduled to limit inoculation in peak periods. 
  • Bermuda Disease Program – Bermuda Disease Program places focus on timing fungal treatments for Dollar Spot, caused by Scelortinia homeocarpa. This fungal infection is common in bermuda lawns during the warmer months. Each of these 4 rounds occur during the spring and summer months to stave off these pesky tan spots. 
  • Brown Patch – Brown Patch focusses on our fescue lawns in mid-summer, aiming to fight Rhizoctonia solani, the same fungal infection we see in Zoysia. Fescue lawns fight through our summers. Brown Patch kicks them when they’re down. This is also a 4-stop program aimed to stop it before it starts. 


Our soils in Georgia, especially the Piedmont region, are well-known and often referred to as Georgia Red Clay. The keyword there is clay. As the smallest soil particle, clay tends to pack together tightly. This makes for compaction and poor porosity. Aeration helps to alleviate the bulk density, creating better percolation, air exchange, and rooting conditions. 

Grub Control

Every lawn has white grubs, but some yards are prone to have larger populations than others. White grubs eat roots, killing grass because they can’t retrieve the water and nutrients needed to sustain themselves. Some foraging animals like armadillos love a good grub snack, damaging your turf in their search. Our grub control program takes care of grubs and also has great success suppressing army worms. 

Lawn Pest Control

  • Fire Ant

    – While we perform our summer lawn care treatments, we also offer control for fire ant mounds. We use baits to control them from the inside out strategically. 

  • Flea and Tick

    – This is a 2-application program designed to keep those pesky little critters off of your pets and out of your home. 

Parallel Programs

The programs outlined above are associated with lawn care. In parallel with our core turf programs, we also offer programs for your landscape and home pest control. 

Tree and Shrub

Our Tree and Shrub programs are designed to take the health of your ornamental trees and shrubs to the next level. An often overlooked portion of our landscapes, providing fertilization and pest control to your landscaping improves the health of the plants that frame your home. We have two options, a premium program that has 8 stops with premium applications, and a 4 stop basic program that meets the core needs of typical landscape plants. 

Pest Control

Nature’s Turf ventured into structural pest control in 2021. The services offered by this department are Quarterly Pest Control, Termite Monitoring, and Mosquito Control. For more information on these services, feel free to call in and speak with our structural pest professionals at 770-461-4156. 

In the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, Nature’s Turf team is committed to delivering high-quality lawn care and pest control services. Whether you’re interested in our offerings or seeking advice tailored to your lawn’s unique needs, feel free to reach out to the team at Nature’s Turf today!