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Cockroaches. Just the thought of them is enough to make many people shiver in disgust. The sight of one scurrying across your bathroom floor or kitchen counter can make people question their own cleanliness. Rest assured that even the cleanest homes offer roaches heat, water, unintentional food, and harborage. Let’s talk about identifying the cockroaches you might encounter throughout Georgia–and, most importantly, let’s discuss how to get those unwelcome roaches out of your home.

The Top 5 Most Common Cockroaches in Georgia

1. American Cockroaches

Native Geogians likely have this particular species as the image in their heads when they think of a cockroach. These big (1.5-2”), reddish-brown roaches scamper away quickly when you open a shed door or flip on your bathroom light in the wee hours of the morning. Generally nocturnal, these roaches are often found at night in places with readily available water. While both males and females can fly short distances, they don’t fly often, opting to use their speed instead.

2. German Cockroaches 

German cockroaches are significantly smaller than their American counterparts at roughly ½”. Two stripes on their heads are solid identifiers if you can catch a glimpse of them as they run away quickly. Also nocturnal and attracted to readily available water, you’ll likely find these roaches in many of the same places you’ll find American roaches.

3. Oriental Cockroaches

Like American roaches, Oriental roaches are reddish brown and approximately 1.25″. Their similar coloration and size mean that Oriental and American roaches are often confused for one another. Fortunately, you aren’t likely to find Oriental roaches inside. Certain weather conditions may influence their movements and habits, though. Their food sources mirror that of the American roaches when they are outside, so they may be found together in the landscape.

4. Asian Cockroaches 

Just as Oriental roaches are often confused for American roaches, Asian roaches are often confused with German roaches. Similar coloration and their smaller size make it easy for them to impersonate one another. Asian roaches are typically found outdoors, are strong flyers, and are attracted to light.

5. Smokybrown Cockroaches

Smokybrown roaches appear similar in color and size to American and Oriental roaches at first glance. They’re particularly common in our southern neighborhoods, commonly occupying rotting trees in our landscapes as well as low traffic areas in our homes, such as basements, crawl spaces, and attics.

How Do I Get Rid of Roaches?

Effectively controlling any pest requires knowledge of the species you want to control or eliminate. Knowledge of the life cycle and habits of household pest species gives our experienced Nature’s Turf pest professionals the information needed to select the right control products and strategies to eradicate and mitigate the creepy crawlies giving you trouble. This control is best achieved with assistance from homeowners.

The Top 3 Strategies for Homeowners to Prevent Roaches

  1. Keep your home clean, store food in sealed containers, and limit freely available water. Roaches may find their way inside your home for warmth, but they will not survive and proliferate if food and water sources are not readily available. 
  2. Eliminate entry points. Make sure your door jambs and window sills are tightly sealed. Repair cracks and make sure there are no openings in siding/soffits/eaves to limit entry. It only takes a small void to allow a roach to gain entrance; don’t invite them into your home.
  3. Reduce clutter. Clutter gives roaches places to hide. When that clutter is cardboard, especially wet, it not only provides harborage, but also sustenance in the form of glues and cellulose. Without places to hide and get sustenance, roaches will have to move on.

If you have questions about roaches or any other interior pest, give us a call at 678-831-6343, or send us an email to A pest professional will be in touch to discuss treatment options and explain the ways our quarterly pest control services provide your home with its best defense against cockroaches and beyond.