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Maintaining a beautiful yard requires more than a one-time lawn treatment. A healthy and attractive yard is achieved through consistent proper care. Mowing regularly is a vital part of keeping your yard maintained and healthy. Our team at Nature’s Turf wants to help you achieve your ideal lush lawn, but we need you to partner with us. Your yard needs consistent and proper mowing in between our visits to truly thrive. Before you assume your lawn care program is not working, consider your mowing habits. The grass may be greener in your neighbor’s yard because they have been mowing correctly. By following these mowing tips, you can help make our lawn care services as successful as intended.

Mowing Like It Matters (Because It Does)

·        Mow Consistently—There are many homeowners that will put off mowing for several weeks and let their grass grow way too long. Not only will your mowing job be more challenging as you cut away weeks’ worth of growth, but you are also causing your grass significant trauma. You should never remove more than a 1/3 of the length from the top of the grass. Overloading your grass with stress by giving it a sudden buzzcut could cause it to become weak or die. Make sure that your grass is mowed consistently to avoid a sudden chop off.

·        Cut Grass to an Appropriate Height —When mowing your yard, Bermuda and Zoysia should be cut to 1-2 inches. This is your yard and not a golf course. Not all grass varieties can handle being cut extremely short. Golf courses utilize extensive irrigation measures and specific grass types to allow them to be cut that short safely. Not to mention that they likely have a service or employee maintaining it constantly. Cutting your grass too short will also encourage opportunistic weeds to try and take root. An overly short lawn will be weak and traumatized, unable to fight the weeds for nutrients. During the winter, you could even let your grass grow to 4 inches to avoid adding stress when your yard is already stressed from the Georgia heat. Letting your grass grow too long is problematic as well. Your mower will have to work much harder to try and chop the blades of grass down. Also, longer grass can encourage weeds or pests. Once a yard is out of control, it can be challenging to get it back to a healthy length and condition. If you are unsure about the sweet spot length for your grass variety, give us a call. We can guide you in the appropriate grass height for your yard. 

·        Keep Your Blades Sharp—Mowing is a stressful process for grass, so you want to minimize trauma where possible. Essentially, your grass is healing up after being cut by the mower. A clean cut made by a sharp blade is much easier to heal from. If your mower blades are dull, your grass could get ripped and shredded, resulting in unhealthy and damaged grass. Always take the time to check your blades’ sharpness.

Following these mowing tips will make your investment in your lawn care program worthwhile. The yard transformation process is a partnership between you and our team. We will use proven strategies to achieve your vision and all you need to do is mow properly in between our visits. If you are interested in lawn care programs, learn more on our website or schedule a visit with Nature’ Turf today. We can help you transform your yard into a pristine and healthy green space.