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Partnering with a lawn company such as Nature’s Turf is a great way to ensure the right products are applied at the right times for your lawn. Spraying or spreading products in your yard seems pretty straightforward, but you may wonder what it is we’re doing when we’re at your home. Is there a method to this madness? Of course there is. Here is the procedure our technicians use when treating your property. 

1. Arriving at Your Home

Upon arrival, technicians start by turning on the hazard lights in their truck and opening your stop on their tablet. Each technician carries one, and it’s loaded with a mobile version of our operating software. Once loaded, your stop will have notes about your property. The technicians use this information to confirm your address, and then they review the rest of the address-specific information, such as:

  • turf types to be treated
  • areas we’re treating
  • areas we aren’t treating
  • notes about establishment
  • special instructions like where they should enter your backyard, where your property lines are, and application specific notes communicating concerns. These could be weeds, spots, or issues they can address while on property.

2. Establishing a Safe Zone

When exiting the truck, the technicians place their traffic cones, one off the corner of both front and rear bumpers. This lap also gives them a chance to begin assessing your yard, especially if it’s the first time they’ve been there. Once the cones are placed, they will also put on their gloves and glasses in preparation for treatment.

3. Initial Inspection

If this is the first time we’ve treated your yard, your technician may quickly walk your yard, mentally noting treatment challenges. Confirming turf type, strategizing treatment direction, mentally noting areas that are tough to treat, and finding acceptable points where our hoses can be pulled and pivoted will help them be more efficient once they start treatment.

4. Pulling a Hose or Preparing a Spreader

Depending on the program and round, your application comes one of two ways: sprayed from their hose or spread from their spreader. Each yard is different. The beauty of either method is the flexibility they offer your yard.

In order to be unencumbered by hose tension, technicians pull their hoses to the furthest point in your yard, working their way back to the truck. If we treat your backyard, we start there first. Habitually, they often start spreading at the furthest point as well. Each method has a wide treatment path, and your yard will be completed in a few minutes.

As they treat, they make mental notes of weeds to spot treat and concerns to note. If they have an assistant, they may communicate location and weed type to them. Depending on the team, the second technician may be spot treating while the other completes your primary application. During treatment, they will place dated signs in your yard, one in front and one in back.

5. Completing the Job

Upon completion, it’s time to close out your treatment on their tablet. We occasionally get questions about why the technicians are in their trucks for a few minutes after treatment. They have a procedure to follow as they complete each stop. It includes sending service notes to you in your post-service email, as well as notes to the support team concerning your yard. Once they wrap that up, they retrieve their cones and safely proceed to the next customer.

These are broad strokes. Each lawn is different, and each treatment is unique. If you have any concerns about treatment, we are always happy to review this process with our clients. We hope this brief glimpse into our method is helpful, but you can always utilize our text line, call us at 678-831-6343, or email us at, where we can help answer any additional questions you may have.