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If you have a lawn and want someone knowledgeable to help you keep it (or get it) healthy and beautiful, you know you need to find a good lawn care service. But finding and hiring strategic partners can be daunting. If you found Nature’s Turf by a Google search or saw a truck drive by, you may be wondering what services we provide and if we fit your needs. At Nature’s Turf, we offer many core and secondary services that focus on plant health from top to bottom and weed control. And we are now proud to offer pest control and treatment as well.

What Services Does Nature’s Turf Provide?

Nature’s Turf is a locally owned and operated lawn care, ornamental care, and interior pest control business that aims to provide exceptional results, service, and value. Each of our programs is based on knowledge, experience, responsibility, and a continuous pursuit of information as new challenges and solutions arise. We may not be the least expensive, but we aim to offer the greatest value.

Lawn Care Services

Nature’s Turf provides lawn care service offerings that reach beyond fertilization and weed control. Additional programs include aeration, fire ant control, fungicides, and more–all designed to tailor-fit the unique needs of each yard.

Proven results over many years and thousands of customers show our commitment to excellence, and we are in constant pursuit of improvement. Environmental challenges and biological changes mean the target is always moving. We remain flexible, always willing to make changes where it improves our results.

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care Services

Our ornamental care services, like our lawn care services, focus on the full picture of plant health. Much of the time, our trees and shrubs can feel very “set and forget” compared to a lawn, but strategic fertilization and pest control can take the plants that frame your house from sufficient to special.

Structural Pest Control and Termite Monitoring

We also offer structural pest control and termite monitoring. Including these vital services along with our lawn, tree, and shrub services simplifies and streamlines the billing process for our customers and minimizes the number of companies that service their homes.

Our quarterly pest services are so much more than convenience, though. Putting a knowledgeable Nature’s Turf pest control professional on your property in many seasons and circumstances enables them to make observations and recommendations that help limit and prevent pest populations and damage in your home.

Can Nature’s Turf Mow and Trim My Lawn?

The short answer: No. At Nature’s Turf, we focus energy and expertise on premium fertilization, weed control, and pest control services. Nature’s Turf isn’t a full-service company; we don’t offer mowing and trimming services because we decided to do a few things really well instead of trying to do too many things with mediocre results.

Since 1977, when we started as Nature’s Nursery, a retail plant nursery, we’ve looked for the ways we can best serve our clients and community. Over time, this meant placing our focus on a few key areas and also incorporating changes and expansions in the services offered that make the most sense for our customers. In 2013, our focus shifted to landscape fertilization and weed control services, and 2021 saw an expansion into interior pest control.

Nature’s Turf: Exceptional Products, Service, and People

The best products and programs are only as good as the application and support staff. Every person employed by Nature’s Turf is expected to uphold our quality standards. Our technicians are well trained in every area of what we do, including the operation of our equipment, the products we use and how they should be applied, and the identification and control strategies for key pests. If you have a question or concern, a local staff of experienced service professionals are available to discuss causes and solutions.

Our goal is quality, and our pursuit is customer satisfaction. We aim to earn and maintain your trust. Give us a call at 770-461-4156. We’d love to discuss what we do best, and how that fits your landscape and home.