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As children, we may have been afraid of the dark. Maybe there was an unfamiliar shadow on the wall, and we could appease those fears by gathering courage, getting out of bed, and finding the stuffed animal that was making that unfamiliar shadow. The unknown can cause our imaginations to run wild. If only our adult fears were so easy to debunk. If your greatest fear as a homeowner is termites munching on your largest investment in the dark, help could be a phone call away. Let’s discuss termites, termite inspections, and what happens if termites are discovered in your home.

What Happens During an Initial Termite Inspection?

Before establishing termite monitoring and control services in your home, our Nature’s Turf pest professionals need to perform a thorough inspection. This is the adult equivalent of getting out of bed to find out what is making that scary shadow. Trained professional eyes carefully observing the foundation and visible structure of your home can identify former colonies, active colonies, and points of weakness that make your property more susceptible.

What Are We Looking for During an Inspection?

The primary focus is to identify conducive conditions in the structure, crawl space, and interior of your home that are known to attract termites. These conditions are different from one property to the next.

Examples of these conditions in the structure are:

  • water damage from clogged gutters
  • rotten window sills
  • compromised door jambs.

Concerns in crawl spaces are:

  • incomplete vapor barriers
  • damaged subflooring
  • the storage of cellulosic materials.

Indications inside the home may be seen as damage in:

  • baseboards
  • hardwood floors
  • the trim around windows or doors.

These interior features aren’t exposed to the elements and will appear solid until strategically prodded by professionals, revealing damage created by termites.

Indications of previous treatments, such as drill marks in concrete or traces of old termite tunnels, may tip off a pest professional with a trained eye.

The scenarios are nearly innumerable and unique to every situation. A professional with a trained eye can identify weaknesses or compromises while they’re small and offer strategies to help circumvent population increases and significant damages.

Why Does Nature’s Turf Perform Inspections for Free?

We believe the services we extend our customers are done as a team effort. You’ve elected to use our services as a strategic partnership for your pest control and termite monitoring needs. As our investment in this relationship, we will come to your home to inspect your property and discuss options for free.

What Happens After the Initial Inspection?

After the initial inspection, our pest professionals will discuss strategies for remediation and monitoring specific to your property. Each property is unique, and the needs for each situation reflect that. Recommendations may include:

  • Remediation strategies a homeowner can tackle — An example would be the removal of wooden materials from a crawl space.
  • Curative treatments requiring specialized equipment and termite control products — If active termite colonies are present, the control strategy most effective for your home can be identified, discussed, and quoted.
  • Bait stations to monitor activity — Strategically placing bait stations is an excellent way to identify and control termite colony populations. Opting for bait stations enables us to monitor the threat of termites during our quarterly pest control visits and see your home in different seasons as conditions change.

After recommendations are agreed upon, a contract will be extended for you to sign, and services can begin. If you use Nature’s Turf to service your lawn, you may be surprised to learn there is a contract involved with termite services. This is a legal requirement and doesn’t change the quality of service we aim to provide or the trust we hope to earn.

How Do You Get a Free Initial Inspection?

It’s easy! Just call Nature’s Turf at 770-461-4156. Our friendly staff of service representatives are ready to schedule your initial inspection. From there, an appointment with one of our pest professionals is scheduled. We look forward to hearing from you.