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Scleortinia homoeocarpa, otherwise known as Dollar Spot, is a common fungal infection in our metro-Atlanta turfs, especially in lawns with bermuda. Small, spider-web-like structures result in tan, silver-dollar-sized spots. The severity and visual impact of a Dollar Spot breakout varies greatly among lawns and because of varying weather conditions. Every person’s tolerance for inclusions in their lawn is also different. At Nature’s Turf, we have a few treatment options available to suit your needs and the needs of your yard.

Turf Disease Treatment for Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot, while exceedingly common, doesn’t occur in every lawn every year. This may be the first time you’re experiencing it. In this case, a single Turf Disease Treatment may be the best choice for your lawn. Landscapes are an ever-changing combination of organisms growing in a natural environment with constantly changing conditions. Dollar Spot is a fungus, and as such, they require excess moisture and warm conditions to flourish. A yard that typically flourishes in hot/dry summers may unexpectedly develop Dollar Spot in a year that is excessively wet or oddly cool.

If this describes your yard, a single Turf Disease Treatment that will provide 21 days of control combined with good cultural practices could help reduce the spread and additional damage created by a Dollar Spot outbreak. To increase the effectiveness, be deliberate about watering. It’s important to ensure the following with regard to watering:

  • make sure irrigation water isn’t running on days or weeks when rainfall is sufficient
  • schedule irrigation in the early morning to reduce the amount of time water stays on leaf tissues
  • avoid applying an abundance of irrigation to your turf.

Bermuda Disease Program for Treating Dollar Spot

Some landscapes are just more prone to Dollar Spot than others. There are many contributing factors, but if your yard perennially experiences these unsightly spots in quantities and locations that are unwelcomed, it’s time to consider our Bermuda Disease Program. It can be tough to pinpoint why one landscape is more prone to fungal infections than others. Frustration is expected when you feel you’ve done everything right, but you can’t seem to get rid of Dollar Spot.

We offer our Bermuda Disease Program for these situations. Four scheduled applications, alternating the best fungal control products available for your lawn, reduces the incidence of Dollar Spot when combined with good cultural practices. Since Dollar Spot is a living organism, and the environment is generally unpredictable, complete control of Dollar Spot is hard to guarantee, but we want to extend to our clients the next best thing. Customers who elect to have our Bermuda Disease Program also receive free service calls between scheduled applications when necessary. If your lawn contains Dollar Spot, give Nature’s Turf a call at (678) 832-6343 or send us an email, and one of our trained technicians will be happy to discuss Dollar Spot treatment services with you.