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With a name like Nature’s Turf, some are surprised to learn that we offer services and solutions beyond simply keeping your grass healthy and beautiful. Of the additional services we offer, our clients get the most advantageous benefits from our Tree and Shrub Premium service for their tree and shrub fertilization and pest control needs. Let’s discuss the differences between the Basic and Premium services and why you should upgrade.

Premium: Additional Insect Control

Arguably the most compelling reason to upgrade from Basic to Premium is the very first application our premium customers get each year. In that first application, we apply a product called Merit, which is a systemic insecticide. When applied to the roots, Merit is absorbed and moves throughout the plant and into leaves as they’re produced.

Whiteflies, aphids, and scale are some of the most frustrating pests we encounter in landscapes. They feed by piercing, and each of these insects possesses defense mechanisms capable of making them difficult to treat. However, with Merit’s presence in the plants, those pesky insects will be destroyed by consuming the product in the plants.

Premium customers also get an additional treatment of dormant horticultural oil during the fall when spider mites are capable of creating significant damage to our landscapes. This damage is created during the fall when recovery is slow and unpredictable as we head toward winter.

Premium: Additional Fertilization and Fungal Control

Our Basic program does a great job of providing your landscape with core fertilization requirements, and our Premium program builds on that foundation. The nutrients plants require for growth are split into two groups; macro and micro-nutrients. Macronutrients are the elements needed in the largest quantities by landscaping plants, chiefly nitrogen.

Basic Tree and Shrub service provides foliar nitrogen applications as well as a granular application that will provide your landscape plants with these nutrients, and the Basic service even includes a dose of key secondary macros. Premium Tree and Shrub service makes use of the additional stops by also providing applications of micronutrients.

While not needed in the same quantities as macronutrients, micronutrients play fundamental roles in plant biology. Some are used in plant processes that result in tissues or energy. Some are used as key components in chains that use macronutrients, making their use more efficient.

More applications also enable us to be more strategic with our applications of fungal control products. The most common illnesses in plants are fungal. Fungal development requirements are similar to the conditions present around our landscaping plants. Mildews, shot hole fungus, and root rots are often best managed in cultural practices, combined with the use of control products. This mitigates fungal disease development or the damage they’re capable of creating.

More Service Calls = More Visibility For Experienced Eyes

Having our tree and shrub professionals in your landscape more often enables us to be more specialized and complete in our programs and places their eyes on your ornamentals additional times in additional seasons. Trained, experienced professionals can often see problems before they escalate, making notes that our support team can discuss and monitor with you.

Premium Tree and Shrub customers also have access to service calls and manager service calls. These services provide even more opportunities for our experienced professionals to identify and circumvent issues that may arise in your landscape.

If you’re currently a Basic Tree and Shrub customer looking to make the jump to Premium, or if you are a new client looking to get started with our landscape services, give us a call at 770-461-4156. While messaging seems convenient, these conversations are best had on the phone. Live phone calls give us the opportunity to ask the right questions and familiarize ourselves with your needs and the needs of your landscape. We look forward to partnering with you to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful landscape.