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Spring brings warmer weather and beautiful new life. Your growing season can be improved when you prepare in advance. A healthy yard starts at the roots. Feeding your grass with water, air, and nutrients is crucial for it to thrive. The turf experts at Nature’s Turf can help you give your plants the best foundation for healthy growth.

Soil Preparation

Your soil is the source of nourishment for your lawn. Every homeowner’s soil is a little different, so ideal preparation varies somewhat. The best way to know what to add to your soil for your grass is by conducting a soil test. You can purchase a kit to test your own soil for under $20 at a home improvement store, hardware store, or online. The test is super easy to do and it will tell you exactly what your soil is lacking. You can also get a soil test completed through your local extension office: After you determine what your grass needs more of, soil amendments or organic fertilizer can be added to compensate for missing minerals or nutrients. The acidity of your soil can greatly impact the health of your lawn, so a soil test can dramatically improve your growing efforts. After you have determined what you need to add, you need to alleviate soil compaction and break up that Georgia hard clay.


You can choose to use fertilizers to add nutrients to your soil or you can use more natural routes, including organic plant matter, mulch, or compost. You can start fertilizing your ground early to give your soil more time to break down the compost or plant matter. Infusing your soil with nutrients is easiest when you can do it in advance, but even using a premade fertilizer before planting will be an improvement. Since your soil will likely lack what your lawn needs, give it the resources they need to prosper.

Prepare Your Tools—Since most types of grass in Georgia are dormant during winter, homeowners often stow away their lawn equipment during the colder months. Inspect your tools to make sure that everything functions properly. Look for signs of rust if your tools could have been exposed to moisture. During the winter, your mower may have practically been hibernating. Go ahead and sharpen the blades on your mower so it will be ready to handle the weekly growth during the spring.

Nature’s Turf can alleviate all the hard work it takes to properly condition and treat your lawn. If you are ready to transform your yard, Nature’s Turf has a variety of services available to boost the health and beauty of your lawn. Schedule your service today!