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Bermuda grass is a popular choice for yards, athletic fields, golf courses, and other green spaces because of its lush appearance, hardiness, and adaptability. Suitable for almost every type of soil and resistant to droughts, Bermuda grass can hold its own against weeds and thrives in sunny places. If you have Bermuda grass or are considering adding Bermuda grass, getting to know the grass at its root will help you maximize the health of your grass. Our lawn professionals at Nature’s Turf want to help you achieve the most beautiful Bermuda lawn possible. Bermuda grass thrives when it receives the following care: aeration, fertilization, and watering.

Getting to Know and Grow Bermuda Grass:

·        You Can Implement Bermuda Grass Through Sod, Seed, or Plugs—Bermuda grass is fast growing so all the options will provide you with a lush yard quickly. If you are unsure which route makes the most sense for your yard, call one of our lawn professionals. However, we recommend sodding as the best way to establish a new bermuda lawn.

·        Bermuda Grass Likes Basking in The Sun—Because it is hardy in the heat, Bermuda grass is a popular choice in Georgia. Bermuda grass does well in sunny places, but if your yard is mostly shaded, Bermuda may not be the best choice. If your lawn is partially shaded and partially sunny, you could end up with spots or patches. If you desire a lush looking grass that can grow more effectively in the shade, we can make recommendations. Bermuda can handle cold temperatures if it has sunlight.

·        Bermuda Grass Can Handle Heavy Foot Traffic—There is a reason that golf courses and athletic fields use Bermuda grass. It is tough and durable even under heavy foot traffic. If you want your yard to look vibrant and allow your family to run through it regularly, Bermuda will be an ideal choice.

·        Bermuda Grass Can Endure Harsh Weather—In Georgia, we have dry times with little rain. Some grass varieties would start wilting and drying up quickly, but not the faithful Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass can endure through a drought as well as if you forget to water it. In winter, Bermuda grass may go dormant, but it will survive a freeze no problem.

·        Bermuda is Easy to Grow and Maintain—Bermuda grass grows very quickly, so you can have a lush lawn in no time. With a fast grow rate, you may worry about having to mow all the time, but Bermuda grass is easy to mow and you can keep it as low as a ½ an inch. Bermuda grass can be used to fix dry patches in your yard or to re-do the whole thing. Whether you are trying to repair your yard or refinish the whole thing, Bermuda grass can give you a beautiful and healthy lawn.

·        Bermuda Grass Can Take Over if Not Maintained—Bermuda grass was originally native to Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia, but brought over to our country later. If not maintained, it can overgrow flower beds or your walkways. This tendency to spread and grow has earned it the nickname, “Devil’s Grass,” by those who do not want such an aggressive grower. Bermuda’s benefits greatly outweigh its downsides if you are okay with a quick and easy mow once a week.

Caring for Your Bermuda Grass:

·        Aeration—Aeration is important for helping your grass get the nutrients it needs. The aeration process makes small holes into the ground to allow for moisture and nutrients to penetrate the hard dirt and feed your Bermuda.

·        Fertilization—Feeding your Bermuda grass with the right fertilizer will help your grass flourish and reach its potential. If you have not had a soil test, you could use a basic fertilizer with a 3-1-2 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Generally speaking, you can apply fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the spring season once you are past the likelihood of a freeze.

·        Watering—There is such a thing as over watering so wait to water until you see signs that it is getting thirsty, such as dull color, signs of foot traffic, wilted look, etc. Depending on the weather, add 1 inch of water per week in the growing season.  

If you are ready to transform your yard with the natural green splendor of Bermuda grass, schedule weed control and fertilization service from Nature’s Turf. We are standing by to help you achieve your ideal yard!