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The season of pumpkins and bonfires will be here before we know it. Now is the time to prepare our yards for the cold weather coming. When you are ready to start your fall cleanup, follow these tips from our turf team at Nature’s Turf.

·        Remove Leaves—Raking up the leaves will make your lawn look better. If thick layers of leaves are left around, the grass underneath could get smothered. Also, piles of moist leaves can be an invitation for pests to make themselves at home.

·        Eliminate Weeds—Weeds are obviously not attractive in your yard, but they can also cause problems for the overall health of your lawn. Since weeds share soil with your plants, they will be creating root competition. Remove the weeds promptly, so they will not sap the resources your plants need. Additionally, letting your yard grow wild with weeds will be another encouragement for pests.

·        Mow Regularly—Keeping your yard mowed to the ideal height year-round will help your yard look its best. Trimming your yard prior to winter is important, so getting into the habit in the early fall is a good plan. Without a proper cut, your turf’s health will suffer in the colder months and could develop a moldy fungus. Every grass type has different recommended care, but in general, your grass should be between 1-4 inches. If you need help determining your ideal grass height, we would be happy to assist you.

·        Pick up the Poop—If you have a pet, you need to scoop the poop. Many homeowners will justify not picking up poop by saying, “poop is great fertilizer.” Not all poop is created equally. The poop from herbivores, such as cows, horses, rabbits, etc., does make solid fertilizer. The poop from your dog or cat will not be beneficial for your soil based upon their meat diets and you will expose your soil to microbes and pathogens. Also, their poop can be acidic and high in nitrogen, which will create yellow and brown spots in your grass. Ideally, you should scoop your pets’ poop right away or at least weekly.

·        Add Mulch—Mulch will make your beds look neat and well-kept. Beyond the obvious aesthetic value, mulch will greatly improve the health of your soil. Think of mulch like a warm blanket to tuck in your soil for winter. The mulch will continually infuse the soil with nutrients as it breaks down. Also, it will seal in the right amount of moisture and limit the impact of weather incidents. Add a 3 inch layer of mulch around your trees and shrubs, making sure to leave a donut shaped hole around the base. Piling mulch around the base of a tree or shrub could open the plant up for a pest infestation or a disease.

If you need support with your fall yard maintenance, reach out to Nature’s Turf. Our trained professionals can help your yard recover from summer, thrive through the fall, endure the winter, and prepare for a fruitful spring.