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Granular fertilizer applications are some of the most visible applications we make to our bermuda and zoysia lawns. Since seeding these hybrid grasses isn’t possible, granular fertilizers are the rounds that leave the most visible evidence of our presence. The small granules you see left behind are called prill, and they are generally a combination of the nutrients and carrier material.

Let’s discuss a couple of factors that may make it seem like there aren’t many pieces of prill in your lawn.

  • It doesn’t take as much as you may think.
    • When asking our vendors to custom blend our fertilizers, we choose products that have appropriate nutrition to fix common concerns in our soils. The plants aren’t using the pieces directly, rather consuming them once dissolved. One prill spreads many times its own size as it makes its way into very small pores in the soil, and into the root zone of our turf.
  • The prill isn’t all the same color.
    • Many fertilizers aren’t homogeneous. Often, the pieces are a few different colors based on the goals of the fertilizer being applied. Pieces that are brightly colored are much easier to see against the soil than pieces that are more earthy in coloration. Between two brightly colored pieces may be many small pieces of gray or brown prill.
  • They don’t all dissolve at the same rate.
    • Some of the pieces will dissolve much more quickly than others. This means after some rain or irrigation, you may still see some prill, while others have completely dissolved, and integrated themselves into the soil.

Every component of our program at Nature’s Turf is carefully selected and applied to ensure optimal results for your turfgrass and landscape plants. Our granular fertilizers are no exception to those standards, and are created to optimize health in both the offseason and growing season, as well as color during active growth.

For more information about our programs, call us or visit us online. We’d love to discuss the many ways we destroy weeds and defend lawns and how you can team up with Nature’s Turf.