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Not much ruins your family’s day outside faster than your kid stepping in a fire ant bed. Fire ants are known for being much more aggressive than black ants. They deliver a powerful stinging bite, which is painful and potentially dangerous. Instead of letting fire ants disrupt your summer memories, you should fight back. Fire ants need food, water, and shelter to be able to make themselves at home in your yard. Take these steps to make your yard less welcoming to fire ants.

·        Stay Clean—Keep your outside trash cans far away from your home or another structure. Check to ensure that your trash lids fit on snugly. Make sure to clean your trash cans out with ammonia periodically. Keeping your trash cans clean will limit a potential food source. Also, if you have any ripened fruit that has fallen from your trees, remove it from your yard immediately. Do not wait for the fire ants to help themselves to a fruit salad.

·        Get Rid of Mounds Right Away—Although the mounds are only part of their living area as tunnels are below the ground, removing the mound will limit the spread of their territory and the potential for stepping into a horde of them. Each new mound could lead to the ant colony splitting off and forming a new colony, which will increase their population exponentially. There are also treatments to place on mounds that will help fight the fire ants throughout their home. If you need help with fire ant mound treatments, our experts at Nature’s Turf would be glad to help!

·        Keep your Plants and Grass Trimmed Back—Fire ants prefer moist overgrown locations for their homes. Keep your yard mowed. Remove cut grass and leaf piles. Trim back your trees and plants near your home. A well-maintained yard is less appealing to fire ants.

·        Stay on Top of your Mowing—Mowing regularly can help discourage ants from establishing a colony in your yard. Plan to mow at 3-3.5 inches to keep the pests out without adding additional stress to your lawn while it is enduring summer heat.

·        Schedule a Visit from Nature’s Turf—We can bring in the big guns and get control of your fire ant infestation. We utilize methods and products that will eliminate your fire population and discourage future infestations. Reclaim your yard and kick out these aggressive pests!

If you are ready to win the battle against the fire ants in your yard, call Nature’s Turf for powerful and effective fire ant control. We are standing by to help you!