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Turf Growth Regulators Plus is our newest premium add on program to take your lawn to the next level. This program is unlocking the tools that previously were only available for golf superintendents and sports turf managers. Nature’s Turf wants to give your home lawn a golf course style treatment this summer. 

How it Works:

The treatment plan uses four summer applications every four weeks from June through September. Nature’s Turf will keep lawns healthy and prepared to handle summer stress, and by using our premium program, your turf will be better prepared to thrive this summer and beyond. 

The Key Components in our Turf Growth Regulators Plus Customized Mix:

  • Growth Regulators
    • Promotes denser and healthier turf that can withstand stress better
    • Minimizes top growth
    • Increases lateral growth and root mass
    • Improves water use and drought tolerance
    • Minimizes clippings and stress when mowing
    • Decreases chance of diseases and speeds up recovery when sickness occurs
  • Micro-Nutrients
    • Enhances turf color and health through liquid applications of micro-nutrients such as Iron
  • Foliar Fertilizer
    • Improves turf density and color throughout the growing season using incremental applications of our non-burning liquid fertilizer
  • Bio-Stimulants
    • Activates your soil with a special blend of Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids, and soil inoculants
    • Increases nutrient uptake to help your lawn better utilize our fertilizers
    • Increases root growth and stress tolerance
    • Improves your turf using 100 % organic materials

Ready for people to mistake your yard for a golf course because of its pristine condition and appearance? Sign up for our Turf Growth Regulator Plus Program. The program adds four additional applications to your current turf plan. If you are ready to schedule your visit with Nature’s Turf, contact us today!