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You may be wondering: what does automated billing have to do with building a healthy lawn? We are here to let you know that billing has a lot more to do with your lawn’s health than you might think.

Timing is Everything

One of the most important factors in lawn treatments is the timing of each application. We run a tight schedule at Nature’s Turf, and it is crucial we perform the appropriate application at the right time. Delayed payments can push our treatments past the ideal window for your lawn, potentially leading to weed breakthrough and poor coloring. We treat our customers’ lawns every 4-6 weeks. Therefore, automated billing in lawn care helps us hit that mark every time.

Automated Billing Can Avoid Frustration

Not only does automatic billing help us run a tight schedule for better results, but it also helps our customers avoid frustration. Life becomes busy, emails and bills get missed, and payment reminders are sent. (We dislike sending payment reminders as much as you dislike receiving them!) We want each and every interaction to be productive and centered around improving your lawn. Calls and emails to collect payment can be a negative experience for customers and service providers. Therefore, an automated billing service prevents these interactions altogether; when we reach out, it is to discuss your lawn.

Higher Quality Work

Finally (and this point may surprise you), automated billing helps us sustain healthy cash flow. In turn, the health of our business has a significant impact on our customers. We pay our team members above industry average, offer great benefits, and invest in the best equipment and treatment products. Timely payments allow us to pay our team well, fix and upgrade equipment without delay, and remain stocked up on important products. Therefore, your lawn will get exactly what it needs from a happy employee.

We offer a secure and reliable billing service through industry-leading software. Utilizing this service has allowed us to take our service to the next level. We look forward to offering you a simple, hassle-free customer experience!