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Your trees and shrubs have endured intense hot weather already, and Georgia’s summer heat is in full force through September. Follow these health care tips to ensure plants stay healthy going into the fall.

Water Trees and Shrubs Deeply

Quality over quantity, always. There is such a thing as overwatering, even during the hot summer. Instead of watering more frequently, water deeply. Watering deeply means you water for a longer period to ensure the water penetrates down to the roots. The roots need moisture to supply the entire plant. During a summer drought, you should be able to water your established trees and shrubs every 8-12 days. If you are unsure if your plants need to be watered, stick your finger into the soil. When you feel resistance or dryness, your soil needs some water. If we are experiencing normal rainfall, most established plants will not require supplemental watering.

Feed with Fertilizer and Mulch

Plants depend on your soil to give them the nutrients they need for healthy growth. If you have not tested your soil recently, you should consider doing so. Even a basic DIY soil test could help you determine if it needs fertilizer or amendments. When you want your plants to really thrive, you can enlist professionals. Our team can conduct soil testing to help you find the ideal fertilizer combination to infuse your soil so your plants thrive through the seasons ahead. Adding mulch also helps lock in the nutrients in your soil. If you have not implemented mulch yet, we recommend adding a three-inch layer with a donut-shaped hole around the base of your trees and shrubs.

Prune Carefully

Pruning is a necessary maintenance step for plants to keep them healthy. Damaged branches or imbalance can cause the entire tree or shrub to suffer. If your trees or shrubs have a dead or damaged branch, they will be wasting resources on the unfruitful part. This time of year can be a good time to prune because they have time to recover before the first freeze.

Call Nature’s Turf

We are passionate about helping your landscape thrive. Through using our service, you can ensure that plants are well cared for year-round. Schedule your consultation today! Your trees and shrubs will thank you.