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Pre-emergent weed control is an important, fundamental portion of any lawn-care program. Our customers desire dense lawns that possess minimal weed pressure and have vibrant color during the growing season. At Nature’s Turf, we aim to fulfill those desires practically and ecologically. Therefore, the most effective way to meet the weed control request is building atop the foundation of well-timed and carefully selected pre-emergent control products.

A recent blog about fall turf care drew an analogy between a lego set and a lawn care program. The early steps aren’t generally glamorous in legos, but they establish the structure required for the outermost blocks. Without the first step, the last step isn’t possible. This analogy directly applies to weed control. Without step one, a pre-emergent, the desired final product isn’t attainable.

What do pre-emergents do?

Most commercially-available pre-emergents accomplish their tasks in the same way. Simply put, they keep new weeds from making roots as they emerge from seed. This means annual weeds like Crabgrass, Spotted Spurge, Chamberbitter, Poa annua, Henbit, and Speedwell can be suppressed by applications of pre-emergents. Even perennial weeds emerging from seed can be suppressed since they haven’t established roots yet.

Are pre-emergents bad for the environment?

Dense, beautiful lawns are fantastic filtration systems for water and air. By utilizing pre-emergent weed control products, we reduce the chemical controls required to maintain low weed pressure.

Do you still need post-emergent weed control if you apply pre-emergents?

Post emergent herbicides will still be needed to control perennial weeds like Dallisgrass, Virginia Buttonweed, and Wild Onion or Garlic that re-emerge from roots or bulbs. Pre-emergents can’t stop new leaves from growing in these.

Additionally; late germinators like Doveweed, Goosegrass, or any seeds that germinate later in the season can sometimes emerge after weather or time has degraded the pre-emergent application. Post-emergents are still required to control these, but the amount required is a mere fraction compared to cases without pre-emergents.

Conclusion: Pre-emergents are important

With the common goal of beautiful, clean turfgrass, the use of weed control products is required. Pre-emergents allow us to accomplish these goals and reduce the amount of post-emergents required to achieve the same task. They are a crucial part of the foundation in any lawn care program and should be seen as a powerful ally.

To discuss how we can control your weeds, and help you achieve a beautiful lawn, give us a call or visit us online. We’d love for you to team up with Nature’s Turf.