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Acelepryn is fantastic. If you don’t read any farther, I’ve planted that stake in the ground. When discussing damage suppression of the pests it’s labeled to control, it reigns supreme. At Nature’s Turf, we utilize Acelepryn for spring grub control. While it performs exceptionally, 2021 revealed how truly powerful it’s duration and capability is against unprecedented pressure from fall armyworms.

Other than one anomaly (new sod installation), we experienced 100% suppression of fall armyworms in customers that chose to have grub control applied in the spring. Let’s break that down a bit further.

Why We Love Acelepryn

  • Acelepryn is classified as systemic. This means it is absorbed by the roots, and sent throughout the plant. Practically, it meets pests where they feed (Grubs eat roots and Armyworms eat leaves).
  • The duration of control proved exceptional. 2021 has been full of warm, wet weather. Despite factors that would challenge any product’s efficacy, Acelepryn withstood and performed.
  • It’s proven its value. Acelepryn isn’t inexpensive, but its effectiveness proves how cost-effective it is.

Guarantees are tough when yards are subject to so many variables, both broad and specific. Our confidence in Acelepryn is so high that we will guarantee suppression of both grub and armyworm damage, or we will return to control them ourselves.

Give us a call so we can discuss grub control and the many other programs tailored for your yard, in our climate. We would love for you to team up with Nature’s Turf.